Harness Precision and Efficiency with WPM's Liquid Packaging Machinery

WPM’s liquid packaging machinery is the cornerstone of countless industries that rely on the precise and efficient bottling of liquids. From beverages and pharmaceuticals to chemicals and beauty products, our machinery is designed to handle a vast range of liquid viscosities and packaging requirements.

We combine cutting-edge technology with robust design to ensure your liquids are packaged with the utmost care and precision.

Engineered for precision and speed, these machines fill bottles with exact volumes, equipped with nozzles that prevent drips and foam, ensuring a clean fill every time.

Ideal for high-volume production, rotary fillers handle multiple bottles at once, rotating them through filling stations for efficient and continuous operation.

Perfect for viscous liquids or products with particulates, piston fillers draw a set volume of product and dispense it into containers with accuracy and consistency.

Utilize gravity or pressure to fill bottles to a specified level, which is ideal for still beverages, oils, and other non-viscous liquids.

Achieve a uniform fill level across all bottles, regardless of slight variations in internal volume, making them suitable for transparent containers where fill level is critical.

Securely seal your bottles with our range of capping machines that can handle screw caps, snap caps, corks, and more, ensuring a tight seal for product integrity.

Apply labels with precision to various bottle shapes, enhancing brand visibility and providing essential product information with our versatile labeling equipment.

Combine filling, capping, and labeling into a single, compact unit, optimizing space and streamlining your liquid packaging process.

Offer convenience and portability with our pouch and sachet filling machines, ideal for single-serve liquid products or samples.

For industrial-sized packaging needs, our drum and tote fillers provide the heavy-duty construction and volume capabilities required for large-scale liquid handling.

Why Choose WPM for Your Liquid Packaging Machinery Needs?

Versatile Liquid Handling

  • Our machines are tailored to manage a spectrum of liquid viscosities, from water-thin products to viscous creams and gels, ensuring smooth and accurate filling.

High-Speed Filling Solutions

  • Maximize your production with our high-speed filling lines, capable of processing thousands of bottles per hour while maintaining consistent fill levels.

Customizable Bottle Formats

  • Accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, with quick changeover features that allow for flexibility in your product offerings and packaging designs.

Seamless Integration

  • Our liquid packaging machinery is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing production lines, enhancing efficiency without the need for extensive modifications.

Advanced Control Systems

  • Benefit from sophisticated control systems that ensure precise filling volumes, minimize waste, and provide easy monitoring and adjustments.

Reliable After-Sales Support

  • WPM stands by its equipment with a dedicated support team ready to assist with installation, training, maintenance, and any operational needs.

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