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Crafting the Perfect Package for Every Cheese

At WPM, we understand that cheese is not just a product; it’s an experience. From the creamy bries to the sharp cheddars, each cheese has its own story and character, and the packaging is a critical part of that narrative.

Our range of cheese packaging machinery is designed to address the unique challenges of cheese packaging, combining the need for preserving freshness and flavor with the demand for consumer appeal.

Extend the shelf life of cheeses such as aged gouda or blue cheese by removing air and sealing in freshness with our robust vacuum packers, which are available in various sizes to accommodate everything from small wedges to large wheels.

Create custom-shaped packaging for specialty cheeses with our thermoforming machines, then seal them with precision using our tray sealers, which are ideal for products like feta in brine or fresh mozzarella.

Wrap individual cheese slices, sticks, or blocks with our flow wrappers, ensuring a consistent, tight seal that's perfect for portion control and convenience items like string cheese or snack packs.

Shrink wrap provides a second-skin packaging solution for cheese, offering protection and a clear view of the product, suitable for gift baskets, cheese boards, or multi-packs.

Our FFS machines can create a variety of bag types, from pillow bags to stand-up pouches, ideal for shredded cheeses, grated parmesan, or crumbled varieties, with options for resealable closures to maintain freshness after opening.

Accurately apply labels with brand logos, product information, and barcodes, along with date codes for tracking and freshness, ensuring compliance with labeling regulations and consumer confidence in product quality.

Prepare your cheese for packaging with our dicing and shredding machines, which cut cheese into uniform pieces, ready for further packaging into bags or containers.

For pre-portioned servings such as spreads or soft cheeses, our rotary fillers dispense the exact amount into cups or trays before sealing them with lidding films or snap-on lids.

Integrate precision scales into your packaging line to ensure each package meets the specified weight, and employ grading systems to sort your cheeses by weight or size for consistent packaging.

Automate the final stages of your packaging line with case packers that gently pack the finished cheese products into boxes, and palletizing robots that stack these boxes efficiently, preparing them for distribution.

Why Choose WPM for Your Cheese Packaging Machinery?

Preservation of Freshness and Quality

  • Our machines ensure an airtight seal to maintain the cheese’s optimal humidity and temperature conditions, extending shelf life while preserving taste and texture.

Adaptability to Various Cheese Types

  • Whether you’re packaging soft, semi-soft, hard, or processed cheeses, our machinery can handle different textures and consistencies, ensuring gentle yet efficient packaging for each variety.

Customizable Packaging Styles

  • We offer solutions for diverse packaging options, including vacuum packs, shrink wraps, trays, pouches, and boxes, allowing for branding flexibility and market differentiation.

Hygienic Packaging Processes

  • Our equipment is designed with hygiene as a priority, meeting the stringent sanitation standards required in the cheese packaging industry to ensure product safety.

High-Speed Automation

  • Keep up with consumer demand with our high-speed packaging lines that enhance productivity without compromising the artisanal quality of your cheese.

Reliable After-Sales Support

  • Benefit from our comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, training, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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