Check Weighters

Ramsey Autocheck AC 4000

Features  Auto Zero and Manual Zero,  Automatic Self-Diagnostics,  Digital Filter Setup, and  Password Protection. Package rate to 350 PPM.

Volts: 120  Amps: 3  Phase: Single Freq: 60

Ramsey Autocheck AC 8000

Features 50 Programmable product Set ups, Auto Zero and Manual Zero, automatic self-Diagnostics, Digital Filler Setup Password Protection, and Battery back up. Package rates to 700 PPM. 

Volts: 120  Amps 4  Phase: Single  Freq: 60

Ramsey Autocheck AC 9000

Features  Full production statistics - Standard deviation, Histograms, X-bar charts, Full color graphic display, Built-in oscilloscope, Built in self diagnostics, Internal gray zone calculation, and Event recording.

Volts: 120  Amps: 6 Phase: Single  Freq: 60

Lock Weightcheck CK02L

 Features High accuracy fast response dynamic weighcells,  1 gram graduation with a 2 to 200 gram range and Auto speed control.  Able to run up to 275 PPM

Volts: 120  Amps: 2  Phase: Single Freq: 60