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Unleash Efficiency with WPM's Pet Food Packaging Solutions

In an industry where the quality of the product is as important as how it’s presented, WPM stands by pet food manufacturers with a lineup of packaging machinery that’s designed to handle the unique demands of pet food packaging.

Our machines are built to ensure that every bag, pouch, or can of pet food is packed to preserve its nutritional value, maintain its flavor, and attract pet owners with convenience and appeal.

  • Ideal for dry pet food, our bagging machines can handle a variety of bag materials and closures, including gusseted, pillow, and quad-seal bags, with options for zip locks or velcro closures.

Versatile and efficient, our VFFS machines are perfect for creating custom-sized bags on demand, from small treat packs to large bulk bags of kibble.

Cater to the premium segment of the pet food market with stand-up pouches that feature convenient resealable zippers, spouts for liquids, and attractive shelf presence.

For wet pet foods, our can and jar filling lines provide accurate filling, vacuum sealing, and retort capabilities to ensure product preservation and shelf stability.

Achieve precise portioning and reduce product giveaway with our multihead weighing systems that integrate seamlessly with our packaging machines.

Apply labels with brand logos, nutritional information, and barcodes, along with batch codes and expiration dates, to ensure compliance with industry labeling standards.

Automate the end-of-line process with case packers that efficiently pack bags or pouches into boxes, and palletizing systems that prepare products for shipping and distribution.

Why Partner with WPM for Your Pet Food Packaging?

Robust Durability for Heavy-Duty Use

  • Our machinery is constructed to withstand the rigors of pet food packaging, handling heavy bags and abrasive products with ease, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Versatile Packaging Capabilities

  • Whether it’s dry kibble, moist treats, or specialty diets, our machines can accommodate a wide range of textures, bag sizes, and packaging formats, including resealable options for consumer convenience.

High-Speed Automation for Increased Productivity

  • Keep pace with the growing pet food market with our high-speed automated packaging lines that boost your output without compromising the integrity of the packaging.

Precision Filling for Accurate Portions

  • Ensure that each package contains the exact amount of product with our precision filling systems, which are essential for maintaining portion control and meeting label claims.

Hygienic Processing for Pet Safety

  • Our equipment is designed with hygiene in mind, meeting the strict sanitation standards of the pet food industry to ensure the safety and quality of the product.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

  • From installation and training to maintenance and parts, our dedicated after-sales service team is here to keep your operations running smoothly.

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