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Hannan 18 x 24 Skin Packaging/Vacuum Forming Machine

The HANNAN® Fully Automatic 420 T Series Skin Packaging/Vacuum Forming Machine has been engineered
for reliability, high productivity, and effi cient sustainable use of space and energy. This fully automatic machine has everything needed to produce the highest quality skin packaging and vacuum forming at the fastest possible rate, for a variety of product(s) and packaging/forming applications. The HANNAN® 420 T is designed with one of the longest list of standard features in the industry. Design innovations such as self aligning oven drive system and fully cantilevered oven, fi lm frame, and fi lm roll carrier allow for smooth, effi cient production fl ow and high visibility during the loading sequence. The heavy-duty high effi ciency tubular heating elements allow for long life and immediate heat (No “Heat-Up” or “Cool-Down” Cycles) to wait for. And with a user friendly control system minimum of maintenance and operator skill is needed saving your company time and money. HANNAN® also manufactures printed stock and custom skin packaging cards and supplies a variety of skin packaging fi lms that will slash the cost and complexity of your next packaging/forming production project.

Manufacturer: Hannan Model Number: 420T View Product

Little David Model CF-20 Case Erector

This Little David Case Erectoe is in excellent condition and would make an excellent addition to the end of your packaging line.

Manufacturer: Little David Model Number: CF-20 View Product

Signode Strapper Model Sure Tyer Side Seal 11800

This is an oversized Side Seal Strapping Machine.  The yoke measures 48" X 60"

Manufacturer: Signode Model Number: Sure Tyer View Product

Lantech C-3000 Carton Erector

This is carton former  that can handle oversize cases

Manufacturer: Lantech Model Number: C-3000 View Product

Shanklin S5CL Oversized Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer

 Features power film unwind, film inverting head, package positioning guide.
- Heavy duty discharge conveyor, impulse/constant heat sealing systems.
- Package size 30" wide x 54" long x 6" high, typical operating speeds of 10-20 packages per minute.
- 220 volt AC/single phase/27 AMP, 60 PSI max, 40 PSI min.
- Machine dimensions are 120" long x 85" wide x 43" high, spec sheet on file

Manufacturer: Shanklin Model Number: S5CL View Product

Zed Auto Inline Skin and Trim 30 x 36

This is a Zed automatic inline skin and trim machine.  This unit is in excellent shape and can run up to 5 cycles per minute.

Manufacturer: Zed Industries Model Number: Model: 300-2020 View Product

Sencorp 1600 Inline Thermoformer

This is a Sencorp 1600 In-Line Thermoformer.  This former has been updated with servo drives.  Unit does not have a stacker.

Manufacturer: Sencorp Model Number: Sencorp 1600 View Product

3m 800af Automatic Case Sealer

This is a fully automatic random case sealer w' auto flap folding.

Manufacturer: 3m Model Number: 800af View Product

Little David LD-19SB Case Sealer. Low profile/narrow uniform case sealer

This low profile/uniform sealer comes with a pack ststion.

The Little David ® LD-19SB is the latest in a series of industrial grade, high performance case sealers from Little David ® . This case Sealer is designed to seal low profile and narrow casesizes and is unrivaled in its sheer effi ciency, easy-of-maintenance, and durability

Manufacturer: Loveshaw Little David Model Number: LD-19SB View Product

Jones CMV5 Verticle Cartoner

This machine is set up for tuck.

The venerable R.A Jones CMV cartoner
 provides an economical and highly versatile solution to nearly every kind of semi-automatic packaging application.  With over 1500 CMV constant motion vertical cartoning machines installed since 1949, these packaging machines have established a solid reputation for consistent performance

Manufacturer: R.A. Jones Model Number: CMV5 View Product
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