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Case Erectors

Wexxar Case Erector (glue) WF-2H with automatic top case sealer model: WSH-06

Wexxar/BEL offers the WF series of fully automatic case forming / case erecting equipment. These case formers / case erectors are designed for sustained, high-speed applications.

Manufacturer: Wexxar Model Number: WF-2H and WSH-06 View Product

Belcor BEL 505 Case Erector

The BEL 505 line of semi-automatic case forming and packing stations are a compact and ergonomic packaging solution for manual hand pack lines. When combined with a BEL case sealer, it allows one operator to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation. The original BEL 505 is a very versatile machine with many custom options and the ability to handle a range of case types and sizes. Its ease of maintenance and operation is also what makes this the perfect fit for low to mid volume applications looking for an entry level machine. At a fraction of the cost of fully automatic case erectors, the BEL 505 semi-automatic case former provides an economical and effective way of minimizing manual labor.

Manufacturer: Belcor Model Number: 505 View Product

Lantech Case Erector Model: C300

This is a right out unit.

Manufacturer: Lantech Model Number: C300 View Product

Little David Model CF-20 Case Erector

This Little David Case Erectoe is in excellent condition and would make an excellent addition to the end of your packaging line.

Manufacturer: Little David Model Number: CF-20 View Product

Lantech C-3000 Carton Erector

This is carton former  that can handle oversize cases

Manufacturer: Lantech Model Number: C-3000 View Product

Marq Case Erector

We have two Marq Case Erectors

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Marq Case Erector

This is a  Marq Case Erector

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Loveshaw Case Erector CF-109

This is a Loveshaw Case Erector Model: CF-109
Its in great condition.  We can put power to the unit and run your boxes.
We would need a refundable deposit before anything is done.
Loveshaw was purchased by SWF and parts are available.
We can install a 3M tape head on the unit

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product
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