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Blister Sealers

Blister packaging/sealing involves using a preformed clear plastic shell called a blister and sealing it to a printed card. This is done by applying heat and pressure to the card and blister in a blister packaging machine. RF sealing is much like heat sealing, except it uses high frequency radio waves to heat the material and the product is fully encapsulated. We have a variety of machines in each of these categories ranging from smaller shuttle type blister sealers to highly automated high speed machines.

Medical Grade Blister Sealer

Manufacturer: Starview Model Number: MR/PH 2-14-18 View Product

Starview 4 Station Medical Blister Sealer. 18 x 22 seal area

This starview blister sealer has less than 6000 cycles. It is a 4 station machine with a 18 x 22 seal area.

Manufacturer: Starview Model Number: Model: ERB4-PH-U-18-22 View Product

Visual 4 StationBlister Sealer

This 4 station blister sealer has a camco drive for the index table, very accurate when using matched tooling.
18 x 22 sealing area.

Manufacturer: Visual Thermoforming Model Number: ESDS4c-1822 View Product

Visual 2 Station Blister Sealer

Platen size: 14 x 18

Manufacturer: Visual Model Number: EM2 View Product

Sencorp F-20 Blister Shuttle Type Impulse Blister Sealer

Platen sixe: 13 x 21.

F-20 Series compact blister heat sealers The Sencorp F-20 series blister heat sealers are affordably priced, compact, high production heat sealing machines that require limited floor space. It is literally two machines in one, since two different shaped blisters can be sealed from either side of the machine at the same time. It offers the versatility of using tack seals between or around inner cavities of the blister as well as around the outer perimeter flanges. The F-20 series can seal blister to card (front face seal), card to card (either trapping the blister or with the blister sealed inside), or clamshell blisters (sealing compatible films such as vinyl to vinyl without the necessity of high frequency welding). This is accomplished through a series of resistance sealing bands which are imbedded into the sealing trays. The bands conform to the flange area of the blister

Manufacturer: Sencorp Model Number: F-20 View Product

Zed Industries Inline Blister sealer 15-111

This is a fully automatic Blister Seale. Comes with auto card feed.  Auto Blister Feed. Auto eject.

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Therm-O-Form Industries 6 Station Blister Sealer

This is a good machine.  Made in Canada.  It has a mechanical drive to index the unit.

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Zed Model: 15RS

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Zed Model: 15T

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Visual Thermoforming Model:DS-4

This is a four station blister sealer.  The seal area is 14" x 18".  It comes refurbished.  We will take the machine apart and fix/repair any problems.

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product
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